Passenger conveyor

pcKOYO Passenger Conveyor series has the types from 0 degrees to 12 degrees various specifications and models for customer to choose, widely used in major shopping malls, railway stations, docks, terminal building, shopping centers, recreation centers, exhibition halls and other public spaces. Which can not only provide passengers with bright, comfortable new feelings, but also appreciate the taste of modern architecture’s charisma and luxurious, it has added a beautiful flowing landscape to the constructions.

The traction machine adopts worm gear reduction drive. The worm is made of tin bronze material, thus the drive owning the good characteristics of stability and low noise; the running track system adopts high rigidity section steel with high dimensional precision and good wear-resisting property; Automatic display device for running status and faults could ensure a more convenient and faster maintenance; “slim” type narrow handrail is easier to be hold by passengers, making the riding more comfortable and safe.