1High-quality steel rectangular pipe is adopted to manufacture the truss of escalator with higher rigidity than conventional steel angle truss and better loading capacity, making the running of escalator more stable and better adapting the actual conditions of China that the passenger flow volume is large; the running track system adopts high-intensity cold-drawn flat steel and high rigidity section steel with high dimensional precision and good wear-resisting property; automatic lubricating device largely reduces the maintenance work; the equipment is real-time monitored through multiple safety protection devices, which guarantees the safety of equipment and personnel to the maximum.

Automatic lubricate

2Automatic oiling and lubrciating system fulfills the ideal Automatic Lubrication to the transmission chain during the running process of the elevator .It not only reduce the daily repair and maintenance work load,but also prelongs the using time.

Auxiliary brake

3Activated before escalator/Passenger conveyor runs with speed 1.4 times than the rated or when it runs in reversal direction which makes the Escalator more safe and reliable.

Traffic light

4Indicate the running direction of the escalator

Escalator Safety Equipments

5Escalator and Passenger Conveyor of KOYO elevator are designed and manufactured according to EN115 (European standards ) and GB16899-2011 .