Passenger-elevator (MR & MRL)


KOYO elevator combines with the “magic merit”of the modern science and technology. The system applies industrial field bus technology into the elevator design, providing safe, accurate, and quick performance. Every action of the elevator is under strict control by microcomputer processor. Powerful self-diagnostic function and watchdog system guarantee high efficiency and reliability. Sound interface makes commissioning and modification more convenient, which fully meets the changing requirements of building and passengers.

Panoramic elevator

“High efficient, energy saving, accurate, safe, and stable”, KOYO elevator perfectly matches with large symbolic building design and function requirement, completely presenting the infinite charm of modern city.

KOYO series panoramic elevator owns exquisite shapes. With various car designs like semi-circle type, hexagon type, three-side type, planar type etc, the elevator could meet requirements of different buildings, endow the buildings with personality and vitality and extend the visual space of elevators. Embedded connection is adopted at the joint of car glass and car wall, which guarantees safety and reliability, and at the same time, combines car glass and car wall harmoniously. In the design of upper and lower shrouding, advantages of our company’s processing equipment are given full play, making every roll bending and bending precise and accurate.

Hospital elevator


Latest control technology is adopted ,making the running of elevator very comfortable and stable with the leveling accurate to millimeter, and bringing doctors and patients to the destination floor unconsciously. Group control elevator adopts advanced group control technology, minimizing the waiting time and realizing rapid rescue.

Advanced variable-frequency door operator makes the opening and closing of landing door more sensitive and efficient; the noise is very low, making passengers feel safer during riding.

The spacious cars with simple and bright decoration, friendly and pastel colors completely satisfy the carrying demands of bed elevator and relieve patients’ tension to the greatest extent.

KOYO serial hospital lift lays the great importance on the humane design. It creates a clean and bright space which harmoniously unites with the hospital environments. It provides the medical staff with more and more work convenience. It satisfies various special use requirements from the hospitals to the greatest extent.

Car elevator KYQC010


KOYO Car elevator is special kind of elevator which design for solving vertical transportation.The standard loading capacity is 3000kg,5000kg.Speed with 0.25m/s or 0.5m/s.As as important tool for car vertical transportation,it can save 80% building space and double car turnaround efficiency.The energy from machine or hydraulic driving source.KOYO car elevator already well used in car 4S shop,car shopping market,parking lot etc.

Freight elevator

KOYO serial goods lift not only is firm and durable in structure, but also has the multiple styles for your selection. Its different designs can suit the requirements from various architectures.

KOYO serial freight lift fully utilizes the advanced and fully computerized control technology. It employs the well-developed VVVF control system of KOYO elevator. It is simple in structure and convenient in repair and maintenance. It fulfils a qualitative leap in the aspects of the signal transmission and running control. It brings about the more stable and reliable system, the lower noise, the smoother running, the more accurate leveling. It is more and more easy for the goods entry and exit. In addition, KOYO serial freight lift can offer the micro-processor. The high speed running capabilities and expansion interface ensure to satisfy the special requirements from broad users.

Villa elevator

It perfectly applies the optimum speed changing curve outputted by control system after precise calculation to the running of elevator, eliminating the discomfort during riding, and the speed change happens unwittingly during elevator’s starting-up, running and stopping. Powerful self-diagnostic function guarantees high efficiency and reliability. Sound interface makes commissioning and modification more convenient, which fully meets the changing requirements of building and passengers;

Gearless traction machine with external-rotor permanent magnet synchronous technology reduces the total energy consumption by 30% by decreasing the energy consumption of excitation current. Without mechanical deceleration device, it becomes more efficient with lower noise and avoids the environmental pollution caused by gear oil, namely a green environmental protection drive system.



Dumbwaiter lift owns special architectural structure, so the civil engineering is less restricted, which is convenient for installation and decoration. Console or window type design could be applied to dumbwaiter lift which is the optimal light-load vertical transportation tools for places like restaurants, hotels, libraries and hospitals.

Hydraulic elevator